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          S-800PRO Intelligent Smoke Leak Detector

          Product introduction

          S-800PRO Intelligent Smoke Leak Detector


          S-800 Pro Series Intelligent Smoke Leak Detector is the latest automatic pipeline leakage diagnosis and detection equipment developed by our company, which conforms to SAE test standards. It has many special functions, such as fast smoke building, large smoke volume, professional test mode, automatic pipeline leakage alarm, etc., which can effectively help maintenance personnel improve work efficiency and reduce work load. It is the most advanced Smoke Leak Detection products at present.


          1)         Air test mode

          2)         Pressure-holding(P-holding) test modeonly TURBO / TURBO-HD model

          3)         Smoke test mode

          4)         User-defined test(User) mode

          5)         Automatic pressure adaptation for the tested system

          6)         Automatic detection and alarm for pipeline leakage

          7)         Automatic remind to fill smoke oil to prevent dry burning

          8)         EVAP system testonly EVAP/EVAP-TURBO model

          9)         Turbo system testonly TURBO / TURBO-HD model

          10)       Truck / heavy vehicle / large vehicle pipeline system testonly HD / TURBO-HD model


          1)         Power:DC12V/6A,(power adaptor AC100-240V/50-60Hz input optional)。

          2)         Flow amount:

          EVAP/TURBO/ EVAP-TURBO:10-25L/min self-regulation

          HD/ TURBO-HD:20-50 L/min self-regulation

          3)         Air:

          EVAP/TURBO/EVAP-TURBO:internal compressor pump (customized external air inport)

          HD/ TURBO-HD:external air inport

          4)         Test pressure range:



          HD/ TURBO-HD0.5-3.5bar,self-regulation

          5)         Display:3.5”LCD

          6)         Single refueling volume:20ml

          Oil consumption:about 0.5ml/min(Reference value under laboratory conditions, the actual value will be different according to the using condition.)

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