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          ABC-100A Brake Fluid Exchanger

          Product introduction

          ABC-100A Brake Fluid Exchanger

          1、 Features

          This equipment has a concise shape, using press-exchange design, with the advantages of pulse exhaust, pressure limiting protection, PWM regulation, simple operation, friendly interface, suitable for single operation.

          2、 Specifications

          1) LCD display: 3.5”

          2) Pressure gauge:0.1~2.5bar

          3) Input Power:DC12V,cable3.0m

          4) Working pressure:0.1~2.5bar

          5) Adjust the working pressure by PWM

          6) Exhaust gas by pulse pressure

          7) Pressure limiting protection

          8) Out hose:3m

          9) New oil bottle:5L

          10)   Used oil bottle:1Lx1pcs


          1) Exchanging by pulse pressure

          2) Exhaust gas by pulse pressure

          3) Pressure limiting protection

          4) Adjust the working pressure by PWM

          5) Self-cleaning

          6) Self-checking

          7) Operation guiding

          8) Alarming

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